Just imagine Paul Wesley seeing the ratings of last night's episode and him being sad that not many people turned in to watch even though he finally promoted it so bad :( He was very proud of this episode but now he probably think the opposite even though he shouldn't.

i really hope he didnt think about it in that way. the episode was beautifully directed, he worked hard, and his fans responded well to it. just because casual viewers didnt tune in (because no doubt they are tired of the stupid hiatuses and even more stupid bursts of delena), that doesnt mean that he wouldnt be successful in other directorial positions

I don't understand what the main plot of season 5 is. Its full of dullena and travelers vs witches. S1 was about the love triangle, S2 was about Katherine, S3 was Klaus/Ripper Stefan, S4 was the Originals but this season is just.... meh. I only still watch tvd for Stefan/Paul anyway, and the hope that Stelena will be back together but we all know thats just some fantasy us Stelena shippers will never get from Julie Plec.

do you want me to tell you the point of season 5?

there is no point, other than seeing how horrific life is when damon and elena pretend to play boyfriend/girlfriend

do you just cry because Elena didn't even have to open the box, the mere thought of marrying Stefan and she automatically said yes - i am dead.

yes omg i absolutely adored that scene