what other things has carina mackenzie said?

well in fact, she was once super rude to me. because she wrote journal articles pretty much fan girling about delena and i said she was bias and she said no she had an opinion…which is the exact same thing. and she just went on and on denying it. 

she is probably one of the most arrogant and full of shit people you will ever see. 

When Elena becomes a vampire, she’s going to have to get a bit of an edge — and her darker side will inevitably be drawn to Damon. I was surprised when she chose Stefan, but once I saw the way it all ended, it made perfect sense. Stefan is the boy that she loved as a teenage girl. When she has time to think about “always,” instead of “right now,” things will change.

Carina Mackenzie (via freakylikethat)

HAHA like this meant anything coming from bias, unprofessional, actual dumb fuck carina mackenzie. i mean, who wouldnt wanna spend an ALWAYS with a delusional rapist that cant even respect you




She seriously needs to have her twitter account removed until she can act like a fucking adult.

How does the CW not see the problem with the way she, Plec, and the others represent that show and the network? It’s disgusting and pathetic and it’s a serious problem.

Just no class at all.

The CW is clearly of the opinion that any attention is a good thing….

just watched 2x20

oh the stelena

kill me now

I made a huge mistake: I wandered into the nian tag. Why do I subject myself to this nonsense?

beats me. that tag is full of so much bullshit

Well, nian fans will just be like "Ian is just being a big fat liar!! Don't you know that after publically dating it makes perfect sense to stage a break up only to date in secret all the while making Nina the subject of ridiculous hate?!" I dont think they'll get it even if both Nina and Ian got married to someone else.

lmfao yeah they will probably just say the marriage is fake because they just wanna be together without anyone knowing #nianforever


Make me choose 

Anonymous asked me Damon Salvatore or Stefan Salvatore?